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Alfa Romeo Oil Changes in Naples, FL

Keep your Alfa Romeo operating in peak condition with routine oil changes at Alfa Romeo of Naples Service Center. Alfa Romeo’s are engineered to thrill with their legendary potent Italian engines. Regular oil changes will help ensure you get the most out of every drive, helping ensure your engine continues to operate at optimal levels and doesn’t overheat.
Whether your Alfa Romeo is in need of a tune-up or an oil change, the certified service experts at Alfa Romeo of Naples are here to help you protect your investment and maintain your Alfa Romeo’s high-performance offerings. Schedule service with our service department today! We happily serve customers in Naples and nearby cities like Bonita Springs and Estero, FL.

Why Oil Changes are Important

Scheduling routine oil changes will help your Alfa Romeo operate at peak performance by reducing the risk of your engine overheating. How? All the moving parts under your Alfa Romeo’s hood need proper lubrication to reduce the friction that causes overheating. By changing your oil every six months or so will help your engine stay lubricated. Waiting too long between oil changes can cause numerous problems related to gears and overall poorer performances.

How to Check Your Oil

Checking your oil level is easy and can be done from just about any flat surface. In order to properly check your oil levels to reduce the risk of costly repairs, it’s pivotal to follow the steps below to ensure you’re getting the most accurate dipstick reading possible:

  • Don’t check when cars have been off more than an hour
  • Ensure your Alfa Romeo isn’t too hot but still warm
  • Parked your Alfa Romeo on level ground
  • Check your Alfa Romeo’s Owner Manual for proper procedure & oil location
  • Remove dipstick & wipe down thoroughly
  • Reinsert to get an accurate reading

Synthetic Oil Benefits

Synthetic oil is engineered to help ensure oil is more evenly distributed, helping evenly lubricate your Alfa Romeo’s engine and gears. Like regular oil, synthetic oil should be changed out every 7,500 miles, as well as your oil filter every oil change to ensure clean oil and optimal lubrication. Synthetic Oil Benefits include:

  • Uniform molecular size means less friction
  • Refinement and engineering reduce deposits
  • Additives boost protection and can clean engines
  • Better function in cold and extreme weather
  • Cleaner oil with fewer impurities

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Service at Alfa Romeo of Naples Today

Bring your Alfa Romeo to Alfa Romeo of Naples Service Center, we have a great service department that’s ready to help our customers. Is your Alfa Romeo is in need of a tune-up or an oil change? Make an appointment with our service department today! We happily serve customers in Naples and nearby cities like Bonita Springs and Estero, FL.

Oil Change FAQs

The "Change Engine Oil” message will show up on your Alfa Romeo’s digital cluster to notify you that your oil level is running low.

If you’ve gone over 7,500 miles without a change, it’s likely time to change your oil. Warning signs to change your oil can include engine overheating, irregular noises, and poor performances.

Alfa Romeo recommends synthetic oil to unlock the best user experience.

You can look through your Alfa Romeo’s Owner Manual or leave it to the experts at Alfa Romeo of Naples Service Center.

Yes, regular Alfa Romeo oil changes can help maintain its lifespan and overall performance.

Yes, this will help your Alfa Romeo’s oil last longer.

7,500 to 10,000 miles when using synthetic oil is recommended however this can change dramatically depending on your driving habits.


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